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JUTE is the clear answer to save environment
Go to Jute is bio-degradable

Jute is bio-degradable

Bags and other materials made from jute is biodegradable, which means that when left unused for sometime, these will get destroyed on their own, leaving the world free of environmental pollution, as against plastic that remains intact for ages and so causes huge environmental hazard.

Go to Jute is natural fiber,

Jute is natural fiber,

Jute is a natural vegetable fiber, second only to cotton and so can be sewn into any desirable shape and size.

Go to Jute plants cleanse the air

Jute plants cleanse the air

Jute plants cleanse the air: studies reveal that 1 hectare of raw jute plants can take in up to 25 tons of Carbon Di-oxide (CO2) while releasing 11 tons of Oxygen during jute cultivation season, lasting a little more than 3 months.

Go to Cleaner Environment

Cleaner Environment

Lesser environmental pollution as jute plants need very little fertilizer, herbicides/ pesticides to grow and produce raw jute.

We have switched to JUTE BAGS to protect mother EARTH. How about you?

About Jute Shopping Bag Factory
Everything you buy here is environment-friendly

We offer wide range of jute bags with distinctive looks and trendy patterns by making use of different trims, stitches and fabrics. We are considered a leading exporter of Environment Friendly Reusable Jute Bags which are designed integrating graphic technology with human workmanship. We custom-design the jute bags according to the preference of patterns, color fusion, sizes, fabrics so as to satisfy the exclusive and common requirements of bags of our clients. We market our products worldwide and our key customers are based in Euproe, USA, Canada, Australia and Japan

  • Custom design possible

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He is B. Tech in Textile Technology with Diploma in International Marketing with 30 years experience in India and abroad.


Production Manager
He is responsible for all procurement, production & shipments. Very hard-working & experience person in our team.

To protect environment, we must switch to JUTE BAGS

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